Fjords & Fjells ski trips

The ultimate Norwegian ski adventure!

We have created three unique ski itineraries that take you through some of Norway’s most stunning scenery and past some fantastic skiing.

You just stop along the way and decide what to do – downhill skiing, cross country, off-piste, ski touring and non-skiing activities.

Click into our three tours below to see what one might suit you – or just tick them all off, one by one!

Harvard Myklebust Visit Norway

Why Norway?

Skiing in Norway is neither a fashionable fad nor an international industry. More than anything it is Norway’s national sport, and Norwegians’ favourite way of appreciating their stunning and unspoilt landscape. In a land passionate about its history and culture, skiing is one of the most cherished of all traditions.

Due to Norway’s northerly latitude, resorts usually open in November. The snow often remains light, powdery and deep until the end of April, with glacier skiing all year round. Skiing in Norway offers a unique experience and it boasts some of, if not the best cross-country skiing areas in the world. Whichever resort you choose expect quiet slopes, efficient lifts, rather short lift queues, friendly people (who can speak English perfectly), great food and incredible winter activities including dog sledding, sleigh rides, husky safari, ice fishing, tobogganing and snowshoeing. Resorts in Norway cater for all ages and are family friendly with a mixture of great groomed runs with perfect corduroy and often untouched off-piste areas. The resorts are generally smaller than those in Central Europe, but they have greater altitude differences, which mean long downhill runs.

Fjords & Fjells Winter Tours

There are a huge number of ski resorts in Norway, but we have chosen three amazing ski itineraries that provide the very best on offer. The resorts can be small and intimate, but they all have at least 15 trails and are unique in their own way. You can create a bespoke tour to suit your needs, adding on our suggested trimmings or by reducing the number of resorts you visit. These tours can be reversed depending on your chosen start point. The three anchor points are the airports of Oslo, Bergen and Ålesund, making getting here and hiring a car easy, (not to mention affordable). And remember, car parking at the resorts is normally free of charge!

The Challenge!

If you have the time and the energy, why not do the whole Fjords & Fjells winter tour, have an experience of a lifetime and “tick off” all 19 resorts!