Images courtesy of Innovation Norway

Lyse Fjord

Thousands of people make their way to The Lyse fjord every year to visit the impressive views and climb along the amazing mountain formations carved in by the glaciers from the ice age. Preikestolen, the Pulpit Rock, and Kjerag being the most famous ones. Its name means light fjord and is said to have came about due to the lightly coloured granite rocks. The Lysefjord can be found in the county of Rogaland, south in fjord Norway near to Haugesund and Stavanger. Not only does The Lysefjord offer breathtaking views but also has become a popular place to try out adrenalin filled sports such as base jumping and mountain climbing. When visiting this area we suggest the following:

Take a Fjord Cruise

With a guided cruise of the fjord this is the best way to see and learn about the fjord’s nature and history. Popular trips include Fjord tours, Tide and Rodne Fjord Cruise. The breathtaking 400m high Hengjanefossen waterfall is also sighted during these cruises but can also be seen by taking a mountain walk.

Kayak the Fjord

Being in a small kayak along with a guide gives you the best chance to reach and explore the hidden treasures of the Lysefjord.

Hike to the top of Preikestolen

This is one of the most famous attractions that Ryfylke boasts, this flat mountain plateau was formed by the melting frost 10,000 years ago being 600 square meters and hovering 604 meters above the Lyse fjord. There is a popular trail which can be undertaken climbing up 350 meters with picnic areas and bathing spots along route. It takes around 2 hours each way.

Explore the Kjerag Mountain

The tallest of the peaks surrounding Lyse fjord towering at 1,084 meters above the fjord. Hiking to the Kjerag Plateau has become increasingly popular with visitors allowing a perfect chance for camera opportunities. However some hike further to Kjeragbolten, a rock that is wedged between two mountains to get that hair raising photo. For adrenalin junkies Kjerag has become increasingly popular for base jumpers.

Drive the Lysevegen Road

This road is popular with tourists for the amazing views that can be seen throughout the journey; it begins in a small village in Lyse fjorden and stretches along to Sirdal but during the winter months it is closed.Image courtesy of Giulia Di Rienzo.